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SEO Case Study 1 - Total Travel Clinic - www.totaltravelclinic.co.uk

A leading private travel clinic in the North West providing travellers with medical advice and vaccinations. They wanted to rank highly for all phrases relating to travel injections & vaccinations in the areas that they cover.

Here are just a selection of phrases where our client ranks at position 1 on Google:

  • Travel Clinic Cheshire
  • Travel Clinic Stockport
  • Travel Injections Cheshire
  • Travel Injections Stockport
  • Travel Injections Macclesfield
  • Travel Injections Manchester
  • Travel injections north west
  • Travel vaccinations north west
  • Travel vaccinations macclesfield
  • Travel vaccinations cheshire
  • Travel vaccinations north west
  • Travel vaccinations manchester
  • Holiday injections macclesfield
  • Holiday injections north west
  • Holiday jabsmacclesfield
  • Holiday jabs manchester
  • Holiday jabs chester
  • Holiday jabs north west
  • Holiday injections manchester
  • Holiday injections cheshire

Result: Our client says that she now gets around 70% of her business as a direct result of being on page 1 of Google.

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